Baker University - Soccer


What should I pack for the Baker Soccer Camp?
Day Campers will not be staying overnight but will remain in one of the residential dorms on the Baker campus in between sessions and during free time.

You will need to bring the following:

  • Soccer Shorts
  • Soccer Shirts
  • Soccer Socks
  • Soccer Shoes/cleats for turf and natural grass surface
  • Pair of Indoor shoes/tennis shoes
  • Soccer Ball
  • Shin Guards
  • Water Bottle or jug
  • Athletic Tape & Pre-wrap (if you need ankles taped)
  • Sandals or trainers (you will not be allowed to walk barefoot at any time)
  • Sun Screen
  • Any prescription medicines you will need
  • *Any thing else you might like to have during the day

Things Not to Bring to Camp

  • Television
  • Expensive electronic items
  • Jewelry

*Campers are responsible for all personal items brought to camp.  Bring at your own risk.